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Next level integration

.We Creating a secure environment through the integration of security products and features
Tailored security system for each Environment, Structure and needs

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A professional face recognition system includes a thermometer and a mask for identification.
Real-time high heat detection system for protection against the COVID-19 corona virus

Interior detection based control system including infrared thermometer.

Reading the incoming body temperature accurately and in real time alerts in case of high heat detection.

Real-time monitoring and monitoring. Daily employee management. Monthly attendance clock. Monthly reports. Entry control and more.

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ELnet provides a comprehensive suite solution combining security, control and energy in projects for Industry, and private companies to create a close sophisticated security system that takes advantage of renewable energy resources
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Link Radio Technology

Elant Solutions is proud to present and implement the most advanced wireless communication technology.

A unique frequency radio artery that allows to transmit huge bandwidth to very large distances.

With this communication system, it is possible to connect two structures to receive bandwidth that competes with optical fiber paving. A high-quality, fast and stable solution over time.


With years of experience successfully deploying and maintaining high-level security projects, A diverse combination of technologies from the electronics industry gives us the

ability to create a unique security system that is carefully tailored to the needs of our customers

our Advanced Services team provides industry-leading insights and expertise in Defance and Video Security Solutions

מצלמות אבטחה. בקרות כניסה. זיהוי פנים. תשתיות תקשורת. מערכות גילוי ופריצה


Elant develops and implements diverse innovative security technologies and advanced solutions that provide full access control management for any structure

ELnet solutions Provides flexible and reliable havy duty systems open security platform with a level of integration that allows you to select hardware and software components that best fit your needs


Elant designs and implements solar systems for a variety of projects and needs and for all sectors

We have the expertise, knowledge and practical ability to plan and execute complex, small and portable systems

A variety of projects worldwide over the years and special requests from our customers have given us the ability to adapt and design an effective system that uses renewable energy sources



We focus on a structured working process includes examination and accurate testing of customer needs while examining the size and structure to create a comprehensive security system

Defense industry

Our experts installation crews for the military industry working worldwide. satellite communications equipment, observation systems, radar systems, radome and special hight installations solutions

shopping centers

Design multiple sections and permissions Security systems is the core of integra system. Access control management and structure in a multi regions and privileges with the ability to view and supervising commercial areas


With ELnet star solution the Entrepreneur and contracting company can observ and monitor work zones and construction area at any time. intrusion detecting and vandalism by night and Workarea and progress throughout the day

Open commercial areas

We Creating a secure environment through the integration of security products and features by Tailored security system for each Environment and Structure

Campuses and Universities

We Creating a secure environment through the integration of security products and features by Tailored security system for each Environment and Structure

Private Companies

ELnet offers complete turn-key security solution for Office environment. Intrusion detection, Theft and protection of hardware and communication equipment.Managing access control and permissions
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